The Wonderful Brain

Our brain is the most wonderful creation of God. All of us are using only a very meager capacity of our brain. But, by taking a few steps, we can keep our brains fit. Routine things or habits that become our second nature are not good for the fitness of our brain. There are a few ideas that can help us to make our brains work fast and more effectively.

– Mind games like Suduko, crossword puzzles, etc. are very good for our brains. These games challenge us because they are based on logic, arithmetic and our memory of words. They give a good work to the brain to make it more fit. But, you should indulge in them for about half-an-hour per day. If you start doing them for more number of hours, it again becomes a routine thing.
– You might have read that the sages of ancient times acquired supernatural powers by doing meditation. They are said to possess extra sensory perception also acquired with the help of this great tool. Such is the power of meditation. You can also practice it to improve the capacity of your brain.
– For making your brain more fit, you should eat a balanced and nutritious diet. All of us have a wrong idea that fats are bad for health. In fact, fats are good for the efficient functioning of our brains. But, the fats we take should be good fats that are got from fish oil and olive oil. Bad fats are harmful to our physical and mental health.
– Imagination is a great tool for improving the fitness of our brains. We should try to imagine, visualize and be creative. Interpreting things in an innovative and creative manner will improve the capacity of the brain. This can be practiced.
– Watching the television for longer hours will make our brains dull. You can spend this time for doing more valuable things like doing physical and mental exercises.
– You may have heard the axiom “A sound mind in a sound body”. It is very much true. Only if you are healthy, your mind will also be healthy. Hence, you should eat nutritious and healthy foods and also do your exercises regularly to keep your body fit and healthy.
– You must also develop the habit of reading. Instead of reading the same genre of books, you should read different types of books. If you can not afford to buy books on your own, you can make use of the libraries and read more and more books. “Read, read, read more” is the advice given by great thinkers.
– Learning a new language or skill is very good for sharpening your brain. This will improve your memory also. Since this challenges your brain, you can be sure of making your brain fitter.
– All routine things can be tried differently. You can go to your work place taking a new route, or try to travel by a new mode of transport, use your other hand for doing things and so on. These things will make your brain notice how you are adopting new ways. The brain will become sharper by making such changes.

By making these few changes, you can make your brain fitter and work more efficiently.

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