The Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

beeThe health benefits of bee pollen have long been used as a holistic remedy. However, a lot of people are very unclear what it actually is derived from. When the bee flies around, it collects pollen. Natural pollen is collected and used to feed the baby bees. Bee pollen helps them grow as it is very rich in protein, and also contains natural mineral and vitamins. Lots of people confuse with natural honey, but it is very different from natural honey.

In recent years, we have seen it being included in a range of supplements for better energy. It is a good filler and binder for natural products. It is also important to point out that it adds some qualities to supplements. It has a very interesting history, and seem to have been a popular remedy for a long time.

Ancient Bee Remedies

Bees and their honey have long been thought of as having healing properties. It is true. Honey is a natural antiseptic, and can help to treat a range of health conditions. However, it is not until recently that we discovered that the ancient healers had discovered bee pollen. Sometimes, ancient medicine is open to interpretation, and no one was actually sure what bee dust was. It was mentioned in many old scripts, and often added to recipes for medicine and herbal products.

Now, we know that the ancient healers were taken about bee pollen. They were head of their time and appreciated that it could have a range of health benefits. For instance it was often fed to underweight babies and children, and was said to stimulate appetite. These days, it is often claimed that it can help you to lose weight. The jury is out on the weight loss powers of bee pollen, but it can certainly do many other wonderful things.

Healing and Treating inflammation with Bee Pollen

The most useful purpose of bee pollen is healing inflammation or wound care. Honey in general seem to be able to help to deal with inflammation, but bee pollen appears to have an ability to speed up the healing process. How it actually does this is not very clear, and it will take many years to discover the active ingredients.

But, ancient healers knew that bee pollen, or bee dust, could help to heal a wound, and even treated patients with gastric ulcers with bee pollen. Strong anti-inflammatory can after all help us to heal any type of wound faster.

Asthma and eczema

It can be argued that eczema and asthma are caused by inflammation. Honey can help to treat both, but it turns out that bee pollen is a very effective remedy as well. If, a cream containing bee pollen could be produced, it is likely that this could help a great deal.
In the meantime, holistic healers recommend a supplement of bee pollen.

It seems to be perfectly safe and children with asthma and eczema respond to it extremely well. Bee pollen is certainly something that we need to do more research into before we dismiss the health benefits.

Celebs and Bee Pollen

Celebs such as Victoria Beckham seem to have jumped on the  band wagon. It is great that they are getting benefits from the product. But you should remember that just because a celebrity tweets the health benefits of a product, doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Carefully look into any supplement that you are considering taking, and really consider if it is going to offer you the right health benefits. It is easy to send a tweet, treating and dealing with serious health conditions such as arthritis, is something completely different.

If, you are suffering from some kind of inflammatory disease, bee pollen may indeed help. Make sure that the supplement that you invest in is a good quality supplement. It is easy to waste your money on low quality supplements. There are some very good producers out there of this product, and it is better to pay a bit more.

Locally sourced bee pollen products could be a solution to hayfever, but only if the bees are from your local area. If, you are serious about enjoying the health benefits of bee pollen, buy a supplement with your head, do not indulge in impulse buys.

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