About Natural Healing Remedies

In any capitalistic, western society there are always going to be resentments and protests towards any form of healthcare other than traditional western medicine. Anyone in pursuit of a more natural approach towards healthcare to cure their aliments will soon understand this, as the waves of criticism come from friends, family, and so called experts of medicine. To a certain degree these criticisms are not unfounded at least to a point of raising concern. It is an actual system of checks and balances within the western private healthcare system that these issues perpetuate and eliminate any chance of medical professionals in western society to publicly endorse any of the natural healing remedies.

How Does Traditional Medicine Win Every Time?

This system has to have certain characteristics in order to organically suppress any naturopathic healing within a society: 1) healthcare has to be controlled by private industry 2) western medicine is the dominate field of healthcare and 3) to put bluntly, it has to be a legally conscious society that has a propensity to sue such as the U.S.A. Private pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs that improve symptoms of a particular illness. Those same companies establish incentive programs and provide kickbacks to private practitioners and other medical professions to use there products. These medical specialists and pharmaceutical companies are backed by top liability insurance policies, massive legal departments, and a large cushion of assets. Eventually one of these magic pills these pharmaceutical behemoths rush to the markets backfire. There was either not enough testing, MDs overprescribe or mis-prescribe a new drug, or patients wrongfully prescribe themselves-in any case this results in two possible outcomes an overwhelming response of negative side affects, including death, eliminates the drug from the market or a particular drug will remain on the market due to the fact that it is still profitable even after compensation to the injured parties or compensation to the families. The bottom line western medicine drugs’ successes are directly tied to the revenue generated. The higher the profit, the better the drug success (not its ability to combat particular symptoms) and thus we have our system.

Natural Healing Remedies

Now what does this have to due with natural healing remedies? Simple, western medicine drugs are designed to treat symptoms. Naturopathic healing, homeopathic medicine, eastern medicine, and many alternative medicines are designed to cure. THERE IS NO MONEY IN CURES, and therefore no room for natural healing remedies in western medicine. What would a cure be to most private practitioners? An inflated one time charge or a remedy that is so simple it can be duplicated at home (in which case the exchange of money would be the cost of an office visit). If there is no money in cures then there would be no money in any natural healing remedy. Thus these practices would never be endorsed by a medical professional in a society with a medical system similar to that of the US.
This is nothing new, and is for the most part common knowledge but people that live in such societies feel helpless and continue to choose western medicine over other forms of healthcare simply because it is the cultural norm as well as the fear of deviating from their “all knowing” doctor’s opinion. Therefore it is imperative for all to arm themselves with the knowledge of various forms of healthcare and decide for themselves which is the correct path of healing.

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