Choosing Lotion For Dry Skin


There are many ways that we abuse our bodies, but some can not be helped. Our hands can take a beating, even more so if you work with water or rough materials day in and day out. Just hand washing the dishes can be something that leads to cracks and rough patches. The skin on the rest of your body can be damaged too, and as we age we have less moisture in our skin, leaving it prone to problems. You will need to by lotion for dry skin, but keep a few things in mind when you buy – and as you apply.

The lotion for dry skin that you get for your hands and feet is going to be different from what you buy for the rest of your body. If you have dry and cracked skin on either your feet or your hands, you should find a lotion that is made just for these areas of the body. You can use general lotions for these, but if they are badly damaged and in need of repair, these lotions may help some, but they are not going to reverse your problem. Instead, look for thicker lotions made just for deeply damaged hands and/or feet for the best results.

When it comes to lotion for dry skin for the rest of your body, it is often up to you what you like. You can get unscented lotions if you have just had a baby or have sensitive skin. Your baby loves the natural smell of you and that will calm them when they are upset. Don’t add extra scent to confuse the baby. Otherwise, if you like the smell of lavender and find it to be relaxing, by all means get a lavender scented lotion. Some people swear by cocoa butter or shea butter lotions, so get these if that is what you like. Spend a few more dollars for a quality lotion that will truly give you good results.

You can use lotions just for the scent, but most people have dry skin that bothers them. Not only does it not look nice, it can cause a lot of itching. Those that take hot showers may notice drier skin, as do those that live in hot and dry areas, or those that do not drink enough water each day. The best way to get moisture into your skin is to drink more water, but for many that is not enough. If you gently run your fingernails over your skin and see white lines, you need a lotion for dry skin to give your skin a subtle boost.

The best time to apply lotion for dry skin is right after you have come out of the shower. Do not towel off before you apply it, or just dab your skin so that it is still slightly wet. You can then apply your lotion over it. This method helps to draw more of the moisture into your skin than if you were at apply the lotion at any other time to completely dry skin. If your skin is extremely dry, red, and blotchy and no amount of lotion seems to help, you may have a more serious skin condition that requires medical attention.


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