3 Common Causes Of Excessive LDL Cholesterol.


reduces cholesterolIf you have been diagnosed with high LDL cholesterol levels you may be unsure what it might mean for you, how it might have developed and how you can tackle it for the future. Your doctor might well have delivered the news, might have given you the impression its your fault and in reality might not have the specialist knowledge to know what might have triggered those high ldl cholesterol levels. There are a lot of factors to take into account and whilst your lifestyle might have had a hand to play, its unlikely that that is the whole story.
Exactly what creates high LDL cholesterol levels is quite complex, and does not have just the one solution. Several elements have to be thought about, and it is essential to remain open minded.

Here is a good example of what might cause those levels to rise and one that many physicians are not aware. Yellow jaundice is a disorder which has an effect on the liver. It was typical throughout the 1940’s as well as 1950’s in the UK, and a number of people of a certain age who suffered with this when younger now experience high LDL cholesterol levels. However many doctors and it has to be said some clinical specialists rarely ask if the patient experienced yellow jaundice when they were infants or kids. It is a vital factor which often goes unseen as many people who actually suffered from yellow jaundice will have established high LDL cholesterol levels. It’s not your fault or your lifestyle, simply bad luck.

There are several other reasons, and any of  of them can be the root cause.
Your diet could trigger high LDL cholesterol levels, but it might not be your fault. You might have been eating what you believe to be a healthy diet but in reality, if there are a lot of processed food in there which can have a bunch of ingredients added then this might be one of the causes.. It is recognized that some ingredients stimulate high LDL cholesterol levels, as well as elevate it over a time period.

The research into diet and how exactly it might have an effect on those cholesterol levels is constantly in a state of flux with contrary medical advice being offered all the time. One minute you need to avoid butter, the next you need to include it in your diet. Its no wonder we are all confused. If the doctors are confused, its not exactly clear how we mere mortals are expected to know what to eat. It is however safe to assume that the nearer to natural the food, the healthier it will be.

We are starting to discover a great deal concerning genetic makeups as well as DNA, however we do not sometimes comprehend the connection between diet regimen and genetics or lifestyle factors. Some folks that have the exact same genetics do not have high LDL cholesterol levels, whilst others do. Why is this?

If, we took a collection of twins with the exact same propensity to high LDL cholesterol levels, and tested those from around the globe it would be natural to assume that patterns of high and normal cholesterol levels would appear. But that is not the case.
If one of the twins lived in the United States in a large city, he should be much more likely to develop high cholesterol levels, if, the other twin lived in a drowsy Japanese angling town, we could assume that he may not develop high cholesterol levels.
There could be so many other factors at play. The twin living in New york city might have a difficult way of living whilst the twin in Japan might have a lot more relaxed way of living. That informs us that other things might be at play, as well as our hormones. Hormonal agents such as the anxiety hormone cortisol could affect our liver function, and thereby increase our ldl cholesterol levels.
We seem to be a society of fast cures. When we are ill we want to be well within a couple of hrs or a few days. Many of us seem to be focused on results instead of cause and do not concern ourselves with why we are ill.
Lots of traditional drugs might affect your physical body detrimentally. We feel medicine should be able to mend our physical bodies without repercussions, however this is rarely the case. Lots of people with long-term illnesses experience high cholesterol levels. Just what creates their high LDL cholesterol levels? Is it the condition or the medications they take? Considering it from a pure physical perspective, could it be that it is far more likely that it is the drug causing the physical body to “malfunction.”
When you are experiencing pain, you might well take paracetamol, yet it might be better to consider a natural alternative? That isn’t to say that paracetamol causes high cholestertol but it does have an effect on the liver and is a contra indicator with some cholesterol treatments as well making them less effective. Many quite a lot of medical professionals realize that typical medicines could trigger high cholesterol levels if taken either on their own or in conjunction with others but the side effects are rarely explained.
If you do develop high LDL cholesterol then you should, realize that there are so many factors that could be at play. If your doctor tries to blame you for it, you should realize it is likely not your fault, there are so many variables to take into account.

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