Probiotics And Why They Are Important



The human colon houses billions and billions of bacteria and we are gradually getting to know how the make up of the bacteria can have a great impact on your health. What is the reason behind the fact that most of the autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus are extremely prevalent in the developed countries more than the less developed nations? One theory behind this is that less childhood exposure to various gut bacteria increases an individual’s chances of contracting such ailments since the lack of exposure tends to suppress the development of an immune system that can respond to them. It is much safer to assume that the more the exposure to sanitation products and antibiotics in the developed countries is the cause of this difference.

However, it is important to note that the diseases listed above are not the only autoimmune ailments linked to the gut bacteria. Everything else from diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, constipation, yeast infections, urinary tract infection and weight have all been linked to the bacteria present in the gastrointestinal system. Recent studies have revealed that cultures that consume an unprocessed and a fiber-rich plant diet instead of the western diet rich in fat and sugar have diverse species of gut bacteria and more types are linked with the suppression of diseases while maintaining a low weight.

Despite all that, there is an ideal way through which the healthy gut flora can be restored and can be an entire reverse on the gut’s health,and that is  through probiotics. The World Health Organization defines probiotics as any living microorganism bearing health benefits on ingestion. The word is derived from two Greek terms, “pro” and “biota” which mean “for life”. There is great evidence on the ability of probiotics to prevent and treat numerous illnesses including the ones earlier mentioned. In addition, North America is showing great interest in probiotic supplements and foods rich in probiotics.

What are the most ideal probiotic sources?

Currently, there are numerous probiotic supplements available in the market. Go for a supplement that is manufactured by a famous and trusted brand and one containing a high bacterial content. A good recommendation is to have fifteen billion or more live bacteria in a single capsule. It is also important to make sure that it has different bacterial strains because the different strains are usually associated with various health benefits and better results.

There are many foods rich in probiotics. Kefir, yogurt, pickles, miso, tempeh, kombucha tea and kimchi tea are among the foods giving you a good dose of probiotics. Having some of them in your diet can help in improving the health of your gut.

It is quite unbelievable how much has been discovered in the last decade concerning our bodies and the ways through which lifestyle and diet can impact on our health. The gastrointestinal system’s health is an area where research has spearheaded the discovery of the numerous benefits of probiotics. Whether it is through a diet or supplements, it can be concluded that everyone can benefit from having more of this healthy bacteria.

Memory Loss? What Memory Loss?


What is normal memory loss?  It’s perfectly natural to feel a little worried when you forget something, particularly when you are in your forties and fifties and in the knowledge that around five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and some of those are the in the same age range as you.

How can you tell the difference between your memory issues and something more significant?  Clearly if you are really concerned you need to seek medical advice but we will quickly go through the sort of situations that might be causing your memory loss and give you some pointers to help improve your brain health.

Situations Which May or May Not Be Indicative Of Memory Problems

The first situation you might find is when you have the sort of lapses that are of themselves not life changing.  We all forget things;  the name of a song or the odd  appointment, why we’ve just walked into a room for something and forgetting what it was.  These are all everyday types of lapses we all get from time to time.

These normal slowing down of recall are connected to a naturally aging brain and many other lifestyle factors like stress.  If you are disrupted constantly with memory problems then there might be something else going on but, it’s a good sign if despite those occasional frustrating memory lapses, you can still hold that the job, get up in the morning, take up hobbies, engage socially and look after yourself.

Secondly there are lots of brain fitness tests products available online and there is no evidence that those can reverse the sort of memory loss associated with illnesses like Alzheimer’s.  If you are engaged with some brain training program and  have seen improvement then that’s a good sign.

If you are still forming new memories by learning new things then again that’s a good sign.  Memory dementia is  an inability to form new memories so if you can learn new things then that’s great. There are a lot of brain improvers  around, you can get courses for your computer, and you can get books of crossword, brain teasers and Sudoku, all of which will maintain brain fitness.

If you have just started on a course of medication and are concerned that might be having an effect  on your memory then it could well be the case.  Before you get too stressed that your memory loss is a problem, consider whether there been any changes to your lifestyle recently, have you been put on a course of cholesterol drugs or statins for example?  Always check whether any new prescriptions might have an effect on your memory if you are concerned about it.

If no one else seems to notice your memory loss then it will not be serious.  Certainly some people might not mention it for fear of offence but constant memory loss can cause a lot of friction and if members of  your family or friends complain that you are constantly forgetting appointments or making mistakes that you can wouldn’t normally make then you may wish to seek some medical advice.  What we’re talking about here is something more sinister than the occasional slip and the teasing around that. These are the sort of memory lapses which are grating on others so may be indicative of wider issues

Other perceived problems with the memory can be caused by stress or sleep issues or trying to do too much.  You are stressed not demented.  Doing more than one thing at once challenges our brain.  You are actually moving your attention from one thing to another which means you are notreally attending to either fully and this can create a short term memory loss.  Not getting enough sleep is another factor because the brain is still working on while we are asleep, processing and organizing. Sleep deprivation and stress can affect memory as increases in cortisol can interfere with the brain cells.  If you are tending to forget and are sleeping well, not stressed at work or at home and your family are noticing this then these are all the early signs them something else might be going on.

So if you have reached the conclusion that to your occasional memory lapses are nothing to worry about but  want to improve your brain health, what can you do?  We have already touched on the sort of brain fitness challenges and online programs you might want to consider but you should also be aware of other factors including your diet.  You might find a general all round brain fitness supplement like brainfire could help.  It has had good reviews and has the sort of ingredients one would be looking for to improve brain health.

Other factors to consider apart from your diet, reducing stress levels and cutting down on the alcohol consumption  which can of course create memory problems of its own if used in excess. Taking a good hard look at our lifestyle is not a bad thing and may certainly help you to distinguish your brain problems from those associated with dementia.

Here is a helpful video which explains things in more detail.

Choosing Lotion For Dry Skin



There are many ways that we abuse our bodies, but some can not be helped. Our hands can take a beating, even more so if you work with water or rough materials day in and day out. Just hand washing the dishes can be something that leads to cracks and rough patches. The skin on the rest of your body can be damaged too, and as we age we have less moisture in our skin, leaving it prone to problems. You will need to by lotion for dry skin, but keep a few things in mind when you buy – and as you apply.

The lotion for dry skin that you get for your hands and feet is going to be different from what you buy for the rest of your body. If you have dry and cracked skin on either your feet or your hands, you should find a lotion that is made just for these areas of the body. You can use general lotions for these, but if they are badly damaged and in need of repair, these lotions may help some, but they are not going to reverse your problem. Instead, look for thicker lotions made just for deeply damaged hands and/or feet for the best results.

When it comes to lotion for dry skin for the rest of your body, it is often up to you what you like. You can get unscented lotions if you have just had a baby or have sensitive skin. Your baby loves the natural smell of you and that will calm them when they are upset. Don’t add extra scent to confuse the baby. Otherwise, if you like the smell of lavender and find it to be relaxing, by all means get a lavender scented lotion. Some people swear by cocoa butter or shea butter lotions, so get these if that is what you like. Spend a few more dollars for a quality lotion that will truly give you good results.

You can use lotions just for the scent, but most people have dry skin that bothers them. Not only does it not look nice, it can cause a lot of itching. Those that take hot showers may notice drier skin, as do those that live in hot and dry areas, or those that do not drink enough water each day. The best way to get moisture into your skin is to drink more water, but for many that is not enough. If you gently run your fingernails over your skin and see white lines, you need a lotion for dry skin to give your skin a subtle boost.

The best time to apply lotion for dry skin is right after you have come out of the shower. Do not towel off before you apply it, or just dab your skin so that it is still slightly wet. You can then apply your lotion over it. This method helps to draw more of the moisture into your skin than if you were at apply the lotion at any other time to completely dry skin. If your skin is extremely dry, red, and blotchy and no amount of lotion seems to help, you may have a more serious skin condition that requires medical attention.


Carbohydrates and Diabetes


carbsAs you may well know, carbohydrates have taken a beating in the last few decades. There are people that refuse to touch them, and some that are very careful about the types that they eat. If you want to know how to deal with carbohydrates and diabetes, you probably already know that carbs can be a problem with those with your disease because they are often the culprits when high blood sugar spikes occur. You can not go without eating any carbs, as that is dangerous to the body. Instead, you have to learn about the right types of carbs. Some are very good for you and necessary for good health.

Doctors will tell you that worrying about carbohydrates and diabetes goes hand in hand. Blood sugar will shoot up when carbs high on the glycemic index are ingested, causing complications with diabetes that can have serious consequences. Some people think that they have to give up carbs altogether, which is a huge misconception. Items with pure can sugar or high fructose corn syrup are out, for the most part, but those are not the only carbs out there. Those are the ones, however, that can do the most damage. You can find sugar free candy and dessert options, but those should not be used very often either. They are a great treat when you just have to have something sweet, though.

Pastas, white breads, and white rice are also problematic when thinking about carbohydrates and diabetes. The carbs in these foods convert to sugars very quickly and they cause the same problems as ingesting pure sugar. These should be avoided and replaced with whole grain breads, brown rices, and and whole grain pastas. You can also buy brands of pasta like Dreamfield, which do not digest like regular pasta but taste just as good. These block the bad carbs, giving you as few as 5 per serving as apposed to 40-50 with regular pasta.

White potatoes can also be a problem with carbohydrates and diabetes, but some people can eat them sparingly. There are great recipes out there that can replace them, like steamed and mashed cauliflower, which many claim is just as good, if not better, than white potatoes. There are some fruits that are higher on the glycemic index than others, and those too should be eaten only occasionally. Other fruits, on the other hand, are low and are great for those with diabetes. Most vegetables are good, but a few can be problematic.

There are many changes to your diet and your exercise routine when you think about diabetes. Though the changes you have to go through can be hard, you can live a full life with diabetes. All it takes is some time to understand what good and bad carbs are, and what you have to do to keep your blood sugar on an even keel and at a good number. You may even have to take some medications, but many that can control their diet find they can leave the meds behind. If you are still confused about carbohydrates and diabetes, talk to a nutritionist about a diet plan that will work for you and your health.

3 Common Causes Of Excessive LDL Cholesterol.


reduces cholesterolIf you have been diagnosed with high LDL cholesterol levels you may be unsure what it might mean for you, how it might have developed and how you can tackle it for the future. Your doctor might well have delivered the news, might have given you the impression its your fault and in reality might not have the specialist knowledge to know what might have triggered those high ldl cholesterol levels. There are a lot of factors to take into account and whilst your lifestyle might have had a hand to play, its unlikely that that is the whole story.
Exactly what creates high LDL cholesterol levels is quite complex, and does not have just the one solution. Several elements have to be thought about, and it is essential to remain open minded.

Here is a good example of what might cause those levels to rise and one that many physicians are not aware. Yellow jaundice is a disorder which has an effect on the liver. It was typical throughout the 1940’s as well as 1950’s in the UK, and a number of people of a certain age who suffered with this when younger now experience high LDL cholesterol levels. However many doctors and it has to be said some clinical specialists rarely ask if the patient experienced yellow jaundice when they were infants or kids. It is a vital factor which often goes unseen as many people who actually suffered from yellow jaundice will have established high LDL cholesterol levels. It’s not your fault or your lifestyle, simply bad luck.

There are several other reasons, and any of  of them can be the root cause.
Your diet could trigger high LDL cholesterol levels, but it might not be your fault. You might have been eating what you believe to be a healthy diet but in reality, if there are a lot of processed food in there which can have a bunch of ingredients added then this might be one of the causes.. It is recognized that some ingredients stimulate high LDL cholesterol levels, as well as elevate it over a time period.

The research into diet and how exactly it might have an effect on those cholesterol levels is constantly in a state of flux with contrary medical advice being offered all the time. One minute you need to avoid butter, the next you need to include it in your diet. Its no wonder we are all confused. If the doctors are confused, its not exactly clear how we mere mortals are expected to know what to eat. It is however safe to assume that the nearer to natural the food, the healthier it will be.

We are starting to discover a great deal concerning genetic makeups as well as DNA, however we do not sometimes comprehend the connection between diet regimen and genetics or lifestyle factors. Some folks that have the exact same genetics do not have high LDL cholesterol levels, whilst others do. Why is this?

If, we took a collection of twins with the exact same propensity to high LDL cholesterol levels, and tested those from around the globe it would be natural to assume that patterns of high and normal cholesterol levels would appear. But that is not the case.
If one of the twins lived in the United States in a large city, he should be much more likely to develop high cholesterol levels, if, the other twin lived in a drowsy Japanese angling town, we could assume that he may not develop high cholesterol levels.
There could be so many other factors at play. The twin living in New york city might have a difficult way of living whilst the twin in Japan might have a lot more relaxed way of living. That informs us that other things might be at play, as well as our hormones. Hormonal agents such as the anxiety hormone cortisol could affect our liver function, and thereby increase our ldl cholesterol levels.
We seem to be a society of fast cures. When we are ill we want to be well within a couple of hrs or a few days. Many of us seem to be focused on results instead of cause and do not concern ourselves with why we are ill.
Lots of traditional drugs might affect your physical body detrimentally. We feel medicine should be able to mend our physical bodies without repercussions, however this is rarely the case. Lots of people with long-term illnesses experience high cholesterol levels. Just what creates their high LDL cholesterol levels? Is it the condition or the medications they take? Considering it from a pure physical perspective, could it be that it is far more likely that it is the drug causing the physical body to “malfunction.”
When you are experiencing pain, you might well take paracetamol, yet it might be better to consider a natural alternative? That isn’t to say that paracetamol causes high cholestertol but it does have an effect on the liver and is a contra indicator with some cholesterol treatments as well making them less effective. Many quite a lot of medical professionals realize that typical medicines could trigger high cholesterol levels if taken either on their own or in conjunction with others but the side effects are rarely explained.
If you do develop high LDL cholesterol then you should, realize that there are so many factors that could be at play. If your doctor tries to blame you for it, you should realize it is likely not your fault, there are so many variables to take into account.

3 Steps to a Healthier Weight for Everyone


healthy weight lossAmerica’s overweight population has been on the rise for many years now. The reason for such a rise in our average weight can be disputed from every angle however the fact is that there is no specific reason for this. There are many contributing factors to this unhealthy trend including lack of sufficient exercise or unhealthy eating habits.

Fast dinners have certainly added their weight to the pressing issue of overweight Americans. These box dinners have about as much nutrition as the box they come in and half the roughage and fiber. Families with two working parents are often relegated to eating unhealthy instant dinners as a staple rather than the exception because it takes a lot of time to create a wholesome meal and time is money.

If you are looking to shave off the pounds and feel the vitality that comes with healthy living, it is vital to take the time to educate yourself on the definition of healthy living. Then see how your personal health habits line up with your standards for healthy living and be prepared to take corrective action.

• Step 1 : Plan a Diet of Healthier Food

The first place to initiate a change is with your eating habits. It can seem like a multiple choice problem trying to decide on one of the myriad of “healthy” diet plans for every reason under the sun. What you want to try is something appropriate to your needs and from a reputable source (fad diets can lead to even worse health conditions).

Don’t be misled by the current fad in diet supplements either. They claim to drop the pounds but are generally ineffective without the support of a strict program of diet and exercise. Supplements should be used to enhance your efforts to lose weight; on their own they lack the power to bring about any physical changes.

• Step 2: Make Time for Regular Exercise

healthy exerciseAfter establishing a heathy nutritional base you will have the fuel to begin a program of regular exercise; do whatever it takes to make that vital time to work out for your personal health and long life. Get some help with the kids (if you have any) and get out to the gym, park or even back yard; so many people would be in far better condition if they only took a bit of time to take a walk.

A buddy system is great idea to keep you focused on your goals. This way both of you will have the support, motivation and even competition to carry on even if it seems the results are so far away. Believe me they are closer than you think; one more step, one more hour  – carry on.

• Step 3: Bring Everyone with You

Get your whole family involved in being healthier; nothing is more convincing then commitment and dedication. Perhaps they don’t seem overweight and you may think the problem is all with you; but that is rarely the case. Everyone needs regular exercise and healthier food. Often times it’s the cheapest quickest decisions that are most detrimental to our health; that’s just the way the wicked world is. Struggling families eat out more and economize on food which often means unhealthy food choices.

Make home cooking a family tradition and mealtime a session of family bonding and memories. Come up with things you can all do together to keep in shape; hiking, biking or anything that will get the family moving.

Never forget that you are not alone in your quest for better health. There is a treasure trove of support from your online brethren (and sister-en?) there for your motivational needs; they can help you keep track of your nutrient intake and be the coach in your corner when you need it the most. Support can make all the difference between sticking to the plan and slipping off the path to a healthier life.

You may like some exercise music to motivate you. Here is a great youtube video for just that! Yep I know its a bit older but the music is great for exercising!!





Welcome to Urdutech. A site dedicated to health and healthy living.

We all strive for good health, whatever our age and background. Money cannot buy good health (although it can certainly help) and we are all victims of our genetics, our lifestyle and environmental factors.

Having said that there are many health issues which can be tackled easily and there are many which are preventable. Lifestyle choices will certainly help. What foods we choose to eat, how much exercise we take and what if any supplements we use.

The number and extent of illnesses we can suffer in our lifetime is frightening and we are lucky if we get to a ripe old age without getting something like arthritis or diabetes and many health relaed problems are associated with excess weight and lack of exercise. Some health issues like cancer and heart disease are of course serious and potential killers.

Having no wish to be a doom and gloom merchant, it is important to realise that many health issues are easily treatable and or preventable with the correct information and help. Whilst medical advice should always be sought before attempting any new regime, some treatments available on the internet for example are in the form of ebooks and in themselves not providing any physical treatment. The advice given is often from a fellow sufferer who has managed to overcome the health issue, generally without using expensive and potentially dangerous drugs and can sensibly be followed.

Similarly the sort of diets and exercises available online (and there are many) will if followed make some sort of impact on your health and well being. Any diet will usually be based around eating less or differently and with some exercises which will vary from program to program. Some are of course fairly faddish and others have stood the test of time and or have good testimonials.

Supplements are another area which is the subject of close scrutiny by many. There are literally hundreds of supplements for a wide range of ailments and picking your way through these can be a minefield. Many of these can be purchased online and some weight loss supplements can be cheaper online as well.

There are many health aids now available ranging from exercise bikes and crosstrainers for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight to aids for mobility and assisting with childcare. There is a lot of information around, often conflicting and sometimes confusing.

Additionally, the internet has seen a boom in online prevention and cure and many people diagnose themselves (often incorrectly) on Google. Visiting a medical practitioner armed with your own diagnosis is all too common these days and the armchair doctors must drive traditional doctors mad. Having said all of that, the public is much better informed about their own health and that of the people around them. Having that sort of information means that they do not have to take a diagnosis or treatment at face value and the explosion in health forums of various types shows an ever increasing awareness and understanding and of course shared experience through social media.

Future articles will be posted dealing with issues such as weight loss, hearing problems, diabetes and skin problems to mention just a few.Keeping healthy is paramount and if you are unfortunate enough to have failing health or a particular health issue, it is important to keep yourself informed about the way the health world is evolving.

The aim of this site is to enable you to make considered choices about your health and any aids to help you keep your health into 2015 and beyond