Memory Foam Neck Pillows for Better Sleep


Memory Foam Neck Pillows

memory-foam-contour-pillowMemory foam neck pillows are suitable for most people. They uniquely mold after the shape of your neck, and are a good solutions for the young and old alike.

Many people do not associate neck problems with younger people and teenagers, but many of them do suffer neck problems. A lot of teenagers get growing pains, and may suffer from neck pain as a result.

However, some teenagers suffer from bad posture and memory foam neck pillows can help a great deal. My own daughter Yasmine has a keen interest in robotics, and loves her Lego Robotics League. As a result, she spends a lot of time sitting down bent over and may say that her neck hurts.

I encourage her to stand up to stretch every so often, but we have also bought her a couple of memory foam pillows for her bed. She is one of those kids who also likes to read in bed, so on this occasion a couple of pillows were needed.

A memory foam pillow is made from pressure reducing material and adapts to your anatomical features. It gently supports the head and at the same time keeps your spine in perfect alignment.

Who Should Use a Memory Foam Pillow?

Using a memory foam pillow can be helpful when you suffer from any kind of condition which affects the neck. However, if you suffer from a whiplash injury, or other sudden neck injury, you may find them especially useful. They will gently re-align the spine, surrounding muscles and tendons.

Extra Warmth

Arthritis sufferers seem to advocate the use of memory foam pillows. Memory foam works by reflecting back the body’s own body heat, and this can be an important factor when it comes to arthritis. It may help to increase blood flow and will make the person using the pillow feel warmer.

The link between cold and arthritis conditions is well know, and it is quite possible that many arthritis sufferers benefit from the extra warmth.

A Very Natural Feel

Memory foam pillow devotees say that they love their pillows just because they feel very “natural”.
As they mold their shape after your head, neck and shoulders, they do feel very natural and you can almost experience a feeling of weightlessness when you use a memory foam pillow. You are aware that the pillow is there, but it can be experienced as almost a part of the bed.

Fewer Nightmares

Some people who suffer nightmares on a regular basis, claim that they have fewer nightmares when they use a memory foam pillow. The link between nightmares and memory foam is not known, but there is a possibility that a memory foam pillow can help you relax more , and you therefore enjoy a deeper sleep.

Sleep Disturbances

There are many different kinds of sleep disturbances but most of them are due to stress. People with stressful jobs or lifestyles often have problems sleeping, and many claim they wake up several times during the night.

Stress can affect the way we sleep, and it is even possible that using a pillow which molds perfectly to the contours of your head, may make you sleep better. You are less likely to wake up during the night to move your pillow about, and a memory foam pillow offers you the right kind of all over support.

Not only does your neck relax but your upper back and shoulders will start to feel more relaxed as well.

Sleep Apnea

Unfortunately, there is not only one solution to the condition of sleep apnea, there are several ways in which you need to deal with the condition. A memory foam pillow will help as it will continue to hold your head in a good position when you sleep.

Many sleep apnea sufferers often complain about morning headaches and dizziness. A memory foam pillow will help to deal with both conditions, and most sufferers say that alongside other treatments they help a lot.

A stiff neck seems to be suffered by many sleep apnea sufferers as well, and it is not really clear which comes first. However, there are indications that someone with a neck problem is much more likely to develop sleep apnea.


If, you have night time breathing problems due to allergies, a memory foam pillow is for you. As they are made from synthetic materials, they do not contain any fibers which can cause allergies. Lambs wool and feather pillows can both lead to night time breathing problems, and also trap dust mites. An allergy to dust mites can cause serious sleeping problems as it will affect your breathing.

Memory foam pillows have been on the market for a relatively short period of time, and more health benefits associated with them are being discovered all the time. Most users of memory foam pillows seem to have become devotees, and more benefits will probably be discovered in the future. Sleep is such a fundamental need, and sometimes we just need to find the right pillow to sleep better.

3 Steps to a Healthier Weight for Everyone


healthy weight lossAmerica’s overweight population has been on the rise for many years now. The reason for such a rise in our average weight can be disputed from every angle however the fact is that there is no specific reason for this. There are many contributing factors to this unhealthy trend including lack of sufficient exercise or unhealthy eating habits.

Fast dinners have certainly added their weight to the pressing issue of overweight Americans. These box dinners have about as much nutrition as the box they come in and half the roughage and fiber. Families with two working parents are often relegated to eating unhealthy instant dinners as a staple rather than the exception because it takes a lot of time to create a wholesome meal and time is money.

If you are looking to shave off the pounds and feel the vitality that comes with healthy living, it is vital to take the time to educate yourself on the definition of healthy living. Then see how your personal health habits line up with your standards for healthy living and be prepared to take corrective action.

• Step 1 : Plan a Diet of Healthier Food

The first place to initiate a change is with your eating habits. It can seem like a multiple choice problem trying to decide on one of the myriad of “healthy” diet plans for every reason under the sun. What you want to try is something appropriate to your needs and from a reputable source (fad diets can lead to even worse health conditions).

Don’t be misled by the current fad in diet supplements either. They claim to drop the pounds but are generally ineffective without the support of a strict program of diet and exercise. Supplements should be used to enhance your efforts to lose weight; on their own they lack the power to bring about any physical changes.

• Step 2: Make Time for Regular Exercise

healthy exerciseAfter establishing a heathy nutritional base you will have the fuel to begin a program of regular exercise; do whatever it takes to make that vital time to work out for your personal health and long life. Get some help with the kids (if you have any) and get out to the gym, park or even back yard; so many people would be in far better condition if they only took a bit of time to take a walk.

A buddy system is great idea to keep you focused on your goals. This way both of you will have the support, motivation and even competition to carry on even if it seems the results are so far away. Believe me they are closer than you think; one more step, one more hour  – carry on.

• Step 3: Bring Everyone with You

Get your whole family involved in being healthier; nothing is more convincing then commitment and dedication. Perhaps they don’t seem overweight and you may think the problem is all with you; but that is rarely the case. Everyone needs regular exercise and healthier food. Often times it’s the cheapest quickest decisions that are most detrimental to our health; that’s just the way the wicked world is. Struggling families eat out more and economize on food which often means unhealthy food choices.

Make home cooking a family tradition and mealtime a session of family bonding and memories. Come up with things you can all do together to keep in shape; hiking, biking or anything that will get the family moving.

Never forget that you are not alone in your quest for better health. There is a treasure trove of support from your online brethren (and sister-en?) there for your motivational needs; they can help you keep track of your nutrient intake and be the coach in your corner when you need it the most. Support can make all the difference between sticking to the plan and slipping off the path to a healthier life.

You may like some exercise music to motivate you. Here is a great youtube video for just that! Yep I know its a bit older but the music is great for exercising!!





Welcome to Urdutech. A site dedicated to health and healthy living.

We all strive for good health, whatever our age and background. Money cannot buy good health (although it can certainly help) and we are all victims of our genetics, our lifestyle and environmental factors.

Having said that there are many health issues which can be tackled easily and there are many which are preventable. Lifestyle choices will certainly help. What foods we choose to eat, how much exercise we take and what if any supplements we use.

The number and extent of illnesses we can suffer in our lifetime is frightening and we are lucky if we get to a ripe old age without getting something like arthritis or diabetes and many health relaed problems are associated with excess weight and lack of exercise. Some health issues like cancer and heart disease are of course serious and potential killers.

Having no wish to be a doom and gloom merchant, it is important to realise that many health issues are easily treatable and or preventable with the correct information and help. Whilst medical advice should always be sought before attempting any new regime, some treatments available on the internet for example are in the form of ebooks and in themselves not providing any physical treatment. The advice given is often from a fellow sufferer who has managed to overcome the health issue, generally without using expensive and potentially dangerous drugs and can sensibly be followed.

Similarly the sort of diets and exercises available online (and there are many) will if followed make some sort of impact on your health and well being. Any diet will usually be based around eating less or differently and with some exercises which will vary from program to program. Some are of course fairly faddish and others have stood the test of time and or have good testimonials.

Supplements are another area which is the subject of close scrutiny by many. There are literally hundreds of supplements for a wide range of ailments and picking your way through these can be a minefield. Many of these can be purchased online and some weight loss supplements can be cheaper online as well.

There are many health aids now available ranging from exercise bikes and crosstrainers for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight to aids for mobility and assisting with childcare. There is a lot of information around, often conflicting and sometimes confusing.

Additionally, the internet has seen a boom in online prevention and cure and many people diagnose themselves (often incorrectly) on Google. Visiting a medical practitioner armed with your own diagnosis is all too common these days and the armchair doctors must drive traditional doctors mad. Having said all of that, the public is much better informed about their own health and that of the people around them. Having that sort of information means that they do not have to take a diagnosis or treatment at face value and the explosion in health forums of various types shows an ever increasing awareness and understanding and of course shared experience through social media.

Future articles will be posted dealing with issues such as weight loss, hearing problems, diabetes and skin problems to mention just a few.Keeping healthy is paramount and if you are unfortunate enough to have failing health or a particular health issue, it is important to keep yourself informed about the way the health world is evolving.

The aim of this site is to enable you to make considered choices about your health and any aids to help you keep your health into 2015 and beyond