Welcome to Urdutech. A site dedicated to health and healthy living.

We all strive for good health, whatever our age and background. Money cannot buy good health (although it can certainly help) and we are all victims of our genetics, our lifestyle and environmental factors.

Having said that there are many health issues which can be tackled easily and there are many which are preventable. Lifestyle choices will certainly help. What foods we choose to eat, how much exercise we take and what if any supplements we use.

The number and extent of illnesses we can suffer in our lifetime is frightening and we are lucky if we get to a ripe old age without getting something like arthritis or diabetes and many health relaed problems are associated with excess weight and lack of exercise. Some health issues like cancer and heart disease are of course serious and potential killers.

Having no wish to be a doom and gloom merchant, it is important to realise that many health issues are easily treatable and or preventable with the correct information and help. Whilst medical advice should always be sought before attempting any new regime, some treatments available on the internet for example are in the form of ebooks and in themselves not providing any physical treatment. The advice given is often from a fellow sufferer who has managed to overcome the health issue, generally without using expensive and potentially dangerous drugs and can sensibly be followed.

Similarly the sort of diets and exercises available online (and there are many) will if followed make some sort of impact on your health and well being. Any diet will usually be based around eating less or differently and with some exercises which will vary from program to program. Some are of course fairly faddish and others have stood the test of time and or have good testimonials.

Supplements are another area which is the subject of close scrutiny by many. There are literally hundreds of supplements for a wide range of ailments and picking your way through these can be a minefield. Many of these can be purchased online and some weight loss supplements can be cheaper online as well.

There are many health aids now available ranging from exercise bikes and crosstrainers for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight to aids for mobility and assisting with childcare. There is a lot of information around, often conflicting and sometimes confusing.

Additionally, the internet has seen a boom in online prevention and cure and many people diagnose themselves (often incorrectly) on Google. Visiting a medical practitioner armed with your own diagnosis is all too common these days and the armchair doctors must drive traditional doctors mad. Having said all of that, the public is much better informed about their own health and that of the people around them. Having that sort of information means that they do not have to take a diagnosis or treatment at face value and the explosion in health forums of various types shows an ever increasing awareness and understanding and of course shared experience through social media.

Future articles will be posted dealing with issues such as weight loss, hearing problems, diabetes and skin problems to mention just a few.Keeping healthy is paramount and if you are unfortunate enough to have failing health or a particular health issue, it is important to keep yourself informed about the way the health world is evolving.

The aim of this site is to enable you to make considered choices about your health and any aids to help you keep your health into 2015 and beyond