About Natural Healing Remedies

In any capitalistic, western society there are always going to be resentments and protests towards any form of healthcare other than traditional western medicine. Anyone in pursuit of a more natural approach towards healthcare to cure their aliments will soon understand this, as the waves of criticism come from friends, family, and so called experts of medicine. To a certain degree these criticisms are not unfounded at least to a point of raising concern. It is an actual system of checks and balances within the western private healthcare system that these issues perpetuate and eliminate any chance of medical professionals in western society to publicly endorse any of the natural healing remedies.

How Does Traditional Medicine Win Every Time?

This system has to have certain characteristics in order to organically suppress any naturopathic healing within a society: 1) healthcare has to be controlled by private industry 2) western medicine is the dominate field of healthcare and 3) to put bluntly, it has to be a legally conscious society that has a propensity to sue such as the U.S.A. Private pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs that improve symptoms of a particular illness. Those same companies establish incentive programs and provide kickbacks to private practitioners and other medical professions to use there products. These medical specialists and pharmaceutical companies are backed by top liability insurance policies, massive legal departments, and a large cushion of assets. Eventually one of these magic pills these pharmaceutical behemoths rush to the markets backfire. There was either not enough testing, MDs overprescribe or mis-prescribe a new drug, or patients wrongfully prescribe themselves-in any case this results in two possible outcomes an overwhelming response of negative side affects, including death, eliminates the drug from the market or a particular drug will remain on the market due to the fact that it is still profitable even after compensation to the injured parties or compensation to the families. The bottom line western medicine drugs’ successes are directly tied to the revenue generated. The higher the profit, the better the drug success (not its ability to combat particular symptoms) and thus we have our system.

Natural Healing Remedies

Now what does this have to due with natural healing remedies? Simple, western medicine drugs are designed to treat symptoms. Naturopathic healing, homeopathic medicine, eastern medicine, and many alternative medicines are designed to cure. THERE IS NO MONEY IN CURES, and therefore no room for natural healing remedies in western medicine. What would a cure be to most private practitioners? An inflated one time charge or a remedy that is so simple it can be duplicated at home (in which case the exchange of money would be the cost of an office visit). If there is no money in cures then there would be no money in any natural healing remedy. Thus these practices would never be endorsed by a medical professional in a society with a medical system similar to that of the US.
This is nothing new, and is for the most part common knowledge but people that live in such societies feel helpless and continue to choose western medicine over other forms of healthcare simply because it is the cultural norm as well as the fear of deviating from their “all knowing” doctor’s opinion. Therefore it is imperative for all to arm themselves with the knowledge of various forms of healthcare and decide for themselves which is the correct path of healing.

Halitosis: Causes and Natural Treatment

Halitosis (bad breath) is an embarrassing condition, and it affects over 80 million people globally. It is characterized by a white coating on the tongue and the production of thick saliva among other issues. Discussed below are the causes and natural treatments for halitosis.

To start with, a buildup of bad bacteria in the mouth is the major cause. When one does not properly brush and floss their teeth after a meal, some food particles remain in the mouth. With time, the particles decompose, and they cause bad odors. The decomposed foods also offer a good environment for bacteria to thrive, thus worsening the situation. The natural cure for this type of bad breath is maintaining proper dental hygiene. Brushing well at least twice a day with a soft brush and flossing regularly can easily solve the problem. Tongue cleaning also helps when done in a gentle manner from the back towards the front of the tongue.


What is Lyme Disease?

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is an infectious disease that is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi or. Usually, the bacterium is carried by black legged or deer ticks in their bloodstream. Ticks are known as the primary carrier of Lyme disease.

How is Lyme Disease Transmitted?


Great Benefits of Yoghurt

So many folks are knowledgeable about all of the healthy advantages of yogurt, but then we don’t often capitalize on this very flexible food. Yes, needless to say, you can eat it during breakfast and take it like that. However, you can actually put it to use in different ways as well. Every time I do my supermarket shop; I look at the types of yogurt people are actually choosing. Most of them purchase the flavored yogurts, but then the actual interest generally come to an end there, Alas, most of the time the unsweetened natural yogurts are usually on sale as they have never been purchased, and additionally the yummy Greek yogurts also never get purchased. It is high time we finally discover the many outstanding ways we can benefit from yogurt in our own cooking.
Fruit yogurt

All yogurts do naturally provide some form of probiotic matter. The more probiotics that we can incorporate in our own diet, the better and in general you will find lots of smart ways to be able to accomplish this. Do you realize that you can also use fruit yogurt to include in your very own cakes? Other yogurts are typically very low when it comes to sugar content and also have a high fruit content. In essence, this actually makes them much sweeter and even more healthy. One more way to get the most from the fruity yogurt is to include it in your cake when you bake it.

Through this, you can actually eliminate some of the sugar substance and possibly get a few more healthy advantages from eating your cake. It’s quite easy to put in yogurt into the cake. What you must do is just to lessen some liquids just like water or milk products then substitute these items with yogurt. Usually, this is a real simple way to be able to do a sponge cake that essentially tastes of the fruit you use and you may even be able to decrease some of the fat content of your cake.
Natural type of Yogurt


All You Need To Know About Hair Loss Treatments

hair loss

Hair loss or hair thinning is a common problem for many adults throughout the globe. There are numerous reasons for hair loss, each differing from individual to individual. The more typical reasons may include hereditary causes, but other factors such as poor diet and medical complications may feature. Nowadays, hair loss is not a permanent problem and can be treated effectively with different methods including various hair loss treatments.

One of the most popular and well-known forms of hair loss treatments is a surgical procedure known as a ‘follicle follicular transfer’. This surgery involves transplanting growing hairs from various areas on an individual’s head to the affected, balding areas. It is an intricate process and requires a great deal of skill and experience to complete adequately.


Wartrol A Remedy For Warts

wartsIt is estimated that over fifty per cent of males and something approaching that figure in females suffer from warts. The human papilloma virus or HPV for short affects millions who have the unsightly and sometimes painful growths on various parts of their anatomy, particularly the hands and fingers. Successful treatments for the condition have historically been uncomfortable but an online product known as Wartrol appears to be becoming successful in the treatment of many sufferers.

Wartrol- what is it?

One of the beneficial factors playing a part in Wartrols success is the fact that it is a natural treatment for the wart and its removal. Many are probably justifiably suspicious of anything labelled natural but the Wartrol reviews confirm that it does appear to work for a great many people suffering from the condition. Obviously there will be those who do not benefit from Wartrol but equally there are those for whom traditional medicine has failed, but it is fair to point out that not all are successful with the wartrol treatment.


What Is Cortisol And What Exactly Does It Do?

cortisol for healthCortisol is extremely intricate and picky. Without Cortisol, the body can not remain in a great position to handle the tensions that come along in life

However when production of Cortisol is excessive or insufficient, it can disrupt the production of thyroid hormonal agents. Cortisol can also disrupt or increase the incidence of stomach acids and it can also have effects on the reproductive system . High levels can be problematic in prgnancy and can be responsible for miscarriages. Infertility issues can also be associated with high or low levels of Cortisol.

High levels of cortisol can also be responsible for food cravings and over eating and can cause metabolic problems so you can see that whilst we clearly need it for our bodies to function properly, any increasing or decreasing levels can have an impact on our general health.


The Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

beeThe health benefits of bee pollen have long been used as a holistic remedy. However, a lot of people are very unclear what it actually is derived from. When the bee flies around, it collects pollen. Natural pollen is collected and used to feed the baby bees. Bee pollen helps them grow as it is very rich in protein, and also contains natural mineral and vitamins. Lots of people confuse with natural honey, but it is very different from natural honey.

In recent years, we have seen it being included in a range of supplements for better energy. It is a good filler and binder for natural products. It is also important to point out that it adds some qualities to supplements. It has a very interesting history, and seem to have been a popular remedy for a long time.

Ancient Bee Remedies


How to Reduce Cholesterol

How to reduce cholesterol, or rather how to balance cholesterol, is not that difficult. The problem is that as we age, our liver function changes a lot. This affects the body in many different ways, and for instance, our cholesterol level will become unbalanced. That means that you may end up with too much LDL cholesterol when it should be in better balance with HDL cholesterol.

Your liver is one of the body’s busiest organs and it has a lot of functions to fulfill. By the time you hot 50, it might be a bit tired and will need some tender loving care. We don’t need to take statins to give it some tender loving care. All we need to do is to eat right and take a look at some supplements that might help us.

Diet really matters

To boost liver function you want to introduce more anti-oxidants and other micro nutrients into your life. You can do that by focusing on your diet, and this is when we find out that breakfast really matters. If, you like to eat cereals, you may want to think twice before doing so. Oats are okay as they are slow release energy, but some cereals are not good for us at all.


Benefits Of CBD Oil. What You Need to Know

Cannabis is a herb that is found all over the world. It contains chemicals known as cannabinoids. These activate cannabinoid receptors that naturally occur in the body. One of the most well known cannabinoids is THC. It causes psychoactive effects when it activates the brain receptors. This cannabinoid has some medical value. However, cannabidiol (CBD) has more medicinal content.

CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. According to research done by G.W. Pharmaceuticals indicates that there are many benefits of cbd oil. This cannabinoid can be used in treating nausea, bowel disorders, rheumatoid arthritis as well as autoimmune diseases. This cannabinoid also has neuroprotective effects. This means that it is capable of protecting the nerve cells in the brain. The capability of this chemical to treat cancer is currently being explored.

What Are The Benefits Of Cbd Oil?


Probiotics And Why They Are Important


The human colon houses billions and billions of bacteria and we are gradually getting to know how the make up of the bacteria can have a great impact on your health. What is the reason behind the fact that most of the autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus are extremely prevalent in the developed countries more than the less developed nations? One theory behind this is that less childhood exposure to various gut bacteria increases an individual’s chances of contracting such ailments since the lack of exposure tends to suppress the development of an immune system that can respond to them. It is much safer to assume that the more the exposure to sanitation products and antibiotics in the developed countries is the cause of this difference.

However, it is important to note that the diseases listed above are not the only autoimmune ailments linked to the gut bacteria. Everything else from diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, constipation, yeast infections, urinary tract infection and weight have all been linked to the bacteria present in the gastrointestinal system. Recent studies have revealed that cultures that consume an unprocessed and a fiber-rich plant diet instead of the western diet rich in fat and sugar have diverse species of gut bacteria and more types are linked with the suppression of diseases while maintaining a low weight.


Memory Loss? What Memory Loss?

What is normal memory loss?  It’s perfectly natural to feel a little worried when you forget something, particularly when you are in your forties and fifties and in the knowledge that around five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and some of those are the in the same age range as you.

How can you tell the difference between your memory issues and something more significant?  Clearly if you are really concerned you need to seek medical advice but we will quickly go through the sort of situations that might be causing your memory loss and give you some pointers to help improve your brain health.

Situations Which May or May Not Be Indicative Of Memory Problems

The first situation you might find is when you have the sort of lapses that are of themselves not life changing.  We all forget things;  the name of a song or the odd  appointment, why we’ve just walked into a room for something and forgetting what it was.  These are all everyday types of lapses we all get from time to time.


Choosing Lotion For Dry Skin

There are many ways that we abuse our bodies, but some can not be helped. Our hands can take a beating, even more so if you work with water or rough materials day in and day out. Just hand washing the dishes can be something that leads to cracks and rough patches. The skin on the rest of your body can be damaged too, and as we age we have less moisture in our skin, leaving it prone to problems. You will need to by lotion for dry skin, but keep a few things in mind when you buy – and as you apply.

The lotion for dry skin that you get for your hands and feet is going to be different from what you buy for the rest of your body. If you have dry and cracked skin on either your feet or your hands, you should find a lotion that is made just for these areas of the body. You can use general lotions for these, but if they are badly damaged and in need of repair, these lotions may help some, but they are not going to reverse your problem. Instead, look for thicker lotions made just for deeply damaged hands and/or feet for the best results.

When it comes to lotion for dry skin for the rest of your body, it is often up to you what you like. You can get unscented lotions if you have just had a baby or have sensitive skin. Your baby loves the natural smell of you and that will calm them when they are upset. Don’t add extra scent to confuse the baby. Otherwise, if you like the smell of lavender and find it to be relaxing, by all means get a lavender scented lotion. Some people swear by cocoa butter or shea butter lotions, so get these if that is what you like. Spend a few more dollars for a quality lotion that will truly give you good results.


Carbohydrates and Diabetes

3 Common Causes Of Excessive LDL Cholesterol.

reduces cholesterol If you have actually been detected with high LDL cholesterol degrees you might be not sure exactly what it may indicate for you, exactly how it may have created as well as just how you could tackle it for the future. Your physician may well have actually provided the information, could have offered you the perception its your mistake and also actually could not have the professional expertise to understand just what may have activated those high ldl cholesterol degrees. There are a great deal of variables to consider and also whilst your way of living could have had a hand to play, its not likely that is the entire tale.
what develops high LDL cholesterol degrees is rather complicated, as well as does not have simply the one service. A number of components need to be thought of, and also it is vital to stay open minded.

Below is a great instance of just what could trigger those degrees to increase as well as one that numerous doctors are not conscious. It was regular throughout the 1940’s as well as 1950’s in the UK, as well as a number of individuals of a particular age that endured with this when more youthful currently experience high LDL cholesterol degrees. It is an essential variable which typically goes undetected as lots of individuals that really experienced from yellow jaundice will certainly have developed high LDL cholesterol degrees.

There are numerous various other factors, and also any one of them could be the source.
Diet regimen
Your diet regimen can set off high LDL cholesterol degrees, yet it may not be your mistake. You could have been consuming just what you think to be a healthy and balanced diet plan however actually, if there are a great deal of refined food in there which could have a lot of active ingredients included after that this could be among the reasons. It is identified that some active ingredients promote high LDL cholesterol degrees, along with raise it over an amount of time.


3 Steps to a Healthier Weight for Everyone

healthy weight loss America’s obese populace has actually gotten on the surge for years currently. The factor for such an increase in our typical weight could be challenged from every angle nevertheless the truth is that there is no details factor for this. There are numerous adding variables to this harmful pattern consisting of absence of adequate workout or harmful consuming routines.

Quick suppers have actually absolutely included their weight to journalism problem of obese Americans. These box suppers have around as much nourishment as package they can be found in as well as half the roughage and also fiber. Family members with 2 functioning moms and dads are commonly delegated to consuming harmful split second suppers as a staple instead of the exemption due to the fact that it takes a great deal of time to produce a wholesome dish as well as time is loan.

If you are aiming to slash off the extra pounds and also really feel the vigor that has healthy and balanced living, it is important to make the effort to inform on your own on the meaning of healthy and balanced living. See just how your individual wellness practices line up with your criteria for healthy and balanced living and also be prepared to take rehabilitative activity.